August 21, 2023

Board of Trustees - University of Illinois System: Academic Personnel Supplement 2023-2024

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HC - Social Justice Initiative

510 - Social Justice Initiative

Employee NameJob TitleTenureEmpl ClassPresent FTEProposed FTEPresent SalaryProposed Salary
Gutierrez, Rhoda Rae LopezVST RES ASSOC II BA1.001.00$95,000.00$95,000.00
Ransby, Barbara DIR BC0.000.00$18,692.34$19,440.03
Ransby, Barbara DIR BC0.550.55$147,403.55$153,299.69
Ransby, Barbara Employee Total for All Jobs  1.001.00$286,695.89$298,162.72
Sutton, Stacey AFACULTY LIAISON BD0.000.00$15,000.00$15,000.00
Sutton, Stacey AEmployee Total for All Jobs  1.001.00$138,628.05$144,773.54