August 21, 2023

Board of Trustees - University of Illinois System: Academic Personnel Supplement 2023-2024

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HE - Vice Provost Faculty Affairs

642 - Ctr Advcmt Teaching Excellence

Employee NameJob TitleTenureEmpl ClassPresent FTEProposed FTEPresent SalaryProposed Salary
Bailey, Judge ASSOC INSTRN DESIGNER BA1.001.00$65,000.00$67,600.00
Campbell, Edward J.DIR STRATG COMNC & MKTG BA1.001.00$100,000.00$100,000.00
Frendel, Maxine ASSOC INSTRN DESIGNER BA1.001.00$70,000.00$72,800.00
Horton, Patrick W.ASSOC INSTRN DESIGNER BA1.001.00$65,000.00$67,600.00
McDermott, John RMEDIA PROD MGR BA1.001.00$90,000.00$93,600.00
McMurtry-Chubb, Teri AnnCTR AFFL AA0.000.00$0.00$0.00
McMurtry-Chubb, Teri AnnEmployee Total for All Jobs  1.001.00$198,288.00$202,253.76
Messier, Nicole ESR INSTR DESIGN BA1.001.00$90,000.00$93,600.00
Okon, Thomas JASSOC INSTRN DESIGNER, ACCC BA1.001.00$72,495.28$75,395.09
Stapleton-Corcoran, Erin LouiseASSOC INSTRN DESIGNER, ACCC BA1.001.00$74,256.00$77,226.24
Tse, Crystal ASSOC DIR FAC ENGMT IN ACT RES BA1.001.00$87,980.00$91,499.20
Woods, Lauren MASSOC DIR TCH PATHWAYS & CIRTL BA1.001.00$87,980.00$91,499.20

668 - Vice Provost Faculty Affairs

Employee NameJob TitleTenureEmpl ClassPresent FTEProposed FTEPresent SalaryProposed Salary
Abid, Faizan HASST V PROVOST BA1.001.00$95,225.00$99,034.00
Blakesley, Christopher EXEC DIR INSTRN DESIGN MEDIA BA1.001.00$150,000.00$150,000.00
Houlihan, Elizabeth VST ASST V PROV, FAC ENGAGMT BA1.001.00$110,000.00$110,000.00
Stieff, Mike V PROVOST BA0.000.00$15,000.00$15,750.00
Stieff, Mike V PROVOST BA1.001.00$205,513.00$215,788.65
Stieff, Mike Employee Total for All Jobs  1.001.00$220,513.00$231,538.65
Superfine, Benjamin MASST V PROVOST FAC REL BC0.000.00$20,000.00$20,000.00
Superfine, Benjamin MEmployee Total for All Jobs  1.001.00$160,000.00$168,660.00
Yudt, Angela LASSOC V PROVOST BA1.001.00$179,485.56$186,664.98