August 21, 2023

Board of Trustees - University of Illinois System: Academic Personnel Supplement 2023-2024

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JB - Provost & VC Acad Affairs

501 - Vice Chanc for Academic Affair

Employee NameJob TitleTenureEmpl ClassPresent FTEProposed FTEPresent SalaryProposed Salary
Colley, Karen JACT PROV & VC ACAD AFF BA0.000.00$99,000.00$99,000.00
Colley, Karen JEmployee Total for All Jobs  1.001.00$373,143.00$373,143.00
Nielsen, P Tyler EXEC ASST TO THE PROVOST BA1.001.00$81,120.00$85,176.00
O'Connor, Alanna CHIEF OF STAFF BA1.001.00$165,000.00$165,000.00
Subramony, Ritu DIR ACCREDITATION BA1.001.00$112,000.00$116,480.00
Weiner, Saul JSR ADVISOR BA0.050.05$11,885.28$12,360.69
Weiner, Saul JEmployee Total for All Jobs  0.870.87$184,347.92$194,855.16