August 21, 2023

Board of Trustees - University of Illinois System: Academic Personnel Supplement 2023-2024

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PK - University Library

446 - Library Administration

Employee NameJob TitleTenureEmpl ClassPresent FTEProposed FTEPresent SalaryProposed Salary
Burch, Katrina SPEC LIB COLLECT ARCHIV BA1.001.00$65,000.00$67,600.00
LaJoie, Sally AnnCLIN ASST PROF/INSTRSERVLIB AL1.001.00$54,550.00$56,732.00
Mize, Robin DIR TECH SERV & CATLG LIBRN BA1.001.00$71,840.00$74,714.00
Piotrowski, Pattie ASSOC PROFAAL0.000.00$0.00$0.00
Piotrowski, Pattie DEAN BA0.000.00$49,920.00$49,920.00
Piotrowski, Pattie DEAN BA1.001.00$88,746.00$94,293.00
Piotrowski, Pattie Employee Total for All Jobs  1.002.00$138,666.00$144,213.00
Sagmoen, Sarah CLIN ASST PROF/INSTRSERVLIB AL1.001.00$56,752.00$59,606.00
Sagmoen, Sarah DIR LRNCOMNS/USERSERV BA0.000.00$14,593.00$14,593.00
Sagmoen, Sarah Employee Total for All Jobs  2.002.00$128,097.00$133,221.00
Salela, Pamela MASSOC PROFAAL1.001.00$72,451.00$75,349.00